26 Nov 1852 .. TWO LIVES LOST - On Friday 12th whilst it was blowing a gale from E.S.E. the "Ann & Eliza" Pilot boat no. 22 belonging to Ryde, ran into Lymington Creek, on board James WEARN Master, James WEARN Pilot, John BUXEY Pilot, Henry WEARN boy and George BRAN a passenger. James WEARN Pilot and his nephew Henry WEARN boy went in a small boat to recover the anchor, cries were heard a few minutes later, but being pitch black and they having no other boat, assistance could not be rendered ...... (IW Observer)
4 Dec 1852 .. INQUEST - was held at the George Inn Yarmouth on the body of Henry WEARN age 19 who had met with a watery grave at Lyminton Creek, Mr James WEARN of Ryde in identifying, said it was that of his cousin Henry WEARN who lived at Dores's Alley, Upper Ryde, who was a Mariner ...... went out in a small boat with his uncle James WEARN, a Pilot of Ryde ...... they were picked up in the creek 5 days later ...... (IW Observer)
14 Sept 1861 .. BOROUGH PETTY SESSIONS - Frank WARNE of Newport and George GRAYHAM, tailor of West Cowes, were charged with stealing a dog belonging to Mr WATERWORTH, surgeon, who not wishing to prosecute, the case was dismissed. (IW Observer)

7 Aug 1862 .. RYDE PETTY SESSIONS - James WEARN was charged with having his Beer-House open on Sunday 29th June at 5 minutes before 12 oclock.  Sergeant MITCHELL accompanied by PC MAIR, went to the house and in front of the bar saw three men drinking beer and ginger beer.  Verdict: Fined 40/- with 7/6 costs.   (IW Times)
7 May 1863 .. FIRE - A fire took place on Thursday afternoon about four o'clock, at the Thatched House Tavern, at the bottom of Hunny Hill, occupied by Mr Frederick WARNE.  It is supposed that it originated by a spark from one of the chimneys falling upon the thatch.  The town engines were promptly on the spot but the flames were not extinguished until the roof and upper part of the building were totally destroyed, fortunately the goods were saved.  We understand the property was insured.  (IW Times)

14 May 1864 .. RYDE PETTY SESSIONS - William WEARN was brought up on a warrant charged with assaulting Stand Master, William TWYMAN, who was on duty near the Pier on Monday at 2 oclock - defendent was standing with his Bath chair, drunk, he advised him to go home.  He left him there and about 20 minutes afterwards he was standing at the Pier gate and received a violent blow under the left ear ...... Bound over  - 10pounds in himself and two surities in 10pounds each to keep the peace. (IW Observer)
16 Jan 1869 .. BOROUGH PETTY SESSIONS - Sarah WEARNE was summoned for willfully breaking 2 panes of glass at the Delhi Arms Beershop in South-street,Newport...... fined 2s. damages and costs. (IW Observer) ~

27 Feb 1869 .. BOROUGH PETTY SESSIONS - George WARNE was brought up and charged with obtaining 10s. under false pretences...... (IW Observer) ~

6 May 1876 .. PETTY SESSIONS - Charles WARNE, Grocer, of West Cowes, was summoned for a breach of the Food & Drugs act 1875.  Police Sergeant RAPKINS said on the 18th inst. he visited the defendants shop and bought half a pound of butter which he sent to Dr. Hassall.  On the 23rd he received the following analysis:- Water 16.1 per cent; curd 1.5; salt 6.0; fat 76.4;  Total 100 per cent.  Foreign fat 35 per cent.  Not only is foreign fat present in this sample but the proportion of water is exceptionally high.  Mrs WARNE who attended for her husband admitted that the butter  purchased by the Sergeant, was of an inferior quality - The defendant was fined 5s. and 1./9s./5d. costs; Total 1./14s./5d.
IW Advertiser, Ryde & Ventnor Times)
14 Apr 1888 .. INQUEST - At Chale an inquest was held on the body of Amy WARNE 5 months old daughter of George WARNE, it appeared from evidence that the Mother died a fortnight after the birth of deceased.  On Wednesday morning Ellen SEARLE, housekeeper to the father, said she gave the child a bottle of milk at 10am.  Two hours later the child died ....... the child was under-developed, had no marks of violence, but a complete absence of food in the body. Child was neglected and died by visitation of God accelerated by need for food ......  (IW County Press)
29 May 1891 .. WESLEYAN SUNDAY SCHOOL - The anniversary of this school was celebrated by very successful services on Sunday and Monday last, among those contributing to a capital programme of dialogues and recitations were:- Ada WARNE, Lily WARNE.  On the Monday the children had their annual tea, when among those who made recitations was:-  Thomas WARNE ...... (IW County Press)

18 Feb 1893 .. CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY - Mr G.WEARNE presided at the quarterly meeting of the Shanklin, Lake and Branstone Co-operative Society held on Wednesday evening in their hall....... (IW County Press)

7 Mar 1896 .. NON-PAYMENT - John BROADAWAY described as a well sinker, of Attleborough, was summoned for non-payment of arrears under an affiliation order made by the Bench on 30th of November last, in respect of the illegitimate child of Miss Florence S. WARNE of the Sloop Inn, Cowes ......  (IW County Press)
9 Apr 1904 .. PRESENTATION - The teachers and scholars of the Cross-street, Cowes boys school, have presented the Rev L.R.Whigham with a beautifully executed water-colour drawing of the Royal Yacht Squadron Castle, accompanying the present was a framed address signed by W.J.MARDEN (head teacher), W.WEARN (asst teacher) and H.M.MOTH (pupil teacher) ...... (IW County Press)
9 Sept 1905 .. BIBLE CHRISTIAN CHURCH - Annual harvest thanksgiving services were held at the Wroxall Bible Christian church on Sunday.  The Rev S.L.WARNE was the preacher morning and evening and the rev. gentleman also addressed a meeting of the P.S.A. ......   (IW County Press)

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