8 Oct 1864 - PETTY SESSIONS .. George PATTERSON, Reuben GREVES and William PARKER, gunners in the R.A. stationed at Sandown, were brought up in custody charged with having forged an order to defraud John HERBERT of Sandown, boot and shoemaker ....... (IW Observer)

26 Apr 1879 - CHARITY PERFORMANCE .. At Parkhurst Barracks, about £20 has been subscribed for the Widows & Orphans of the Heroes of the 24th Regiment. The officers and non-commissioned officers gave theatrical performances in aid of the funds on Wednesday and Thursday evenings at the Volunteer Hall. Capt H. FRANCIS Commandant of the Newport Volunteer Corps, placing the hall at their service, free of all charges. The performances went off extremely well, and the fine string band of the 56th Regiment (Pompadours), under the direction of Her Hansen, delighted the company at intervals. A full house each evening, evinced the strong patriotic feeling of Newport. (IW Advertiser, Ryde & Ventnor Times) ^

31 May 1879 - We are glad to hear that the 42nd Regiment is to return to England immediately, and to be re-quartered in the Isle of Wight. The cause of this removal, we understand, is the sickly state of the regiment since its arrival in Gibralta from Cypress. It has been wisely determined not to expose it to the risk of passing the hot summer months in Gibralta, lest it should suffer a recurrence of fever, the susceptibility to which it contracted first in Ashantee and again in Cypress. (IW Advertiser, Ryde & Ventnor Times) *

4 Feb 1888 - PROMOTION .. Quartermaster RILEY of the King's Royal Rifles, stationed at Parkhurst, has been promoted to the Quartermastership of the depot at Winchester. Mr RILEY is very popular with the regiment and his removal will be regretted by all ranks, as well as by the many personal friends whom he has made in the Island during his location at Parkhurst. (IW County Press)

6 Jan 1900 - PARTING GIFT .. Trooper F.DENHAM has been presented with a handsome briar-pipe, silver-mounted and engraved, by the Newport Volunteer Fire-Brigade, of which he was a member, on the occasion of his approaching departure for the seat of war with the Island contingent of the Imperial Yeomanry. (IW County Press)

15 June 1901 - SEARCH .. 200 or 300 of the Northumberland Fusiliers from Parkhurst Barracks, armed with sticks, joined in the search of the countryside, for two escaped convicts. (IW County Press)

14 Sept 1901 - PROMOTIONS .. Corpl. WILSON and Bomb. PORTCH of the 42nd company, stationed at Yaverland Fort, have been promoted to the rank of sergeant and corporal respectively.
  (IW County Press)

11 June 1904 - HEROISM .. A deed of spendid heroism was performed by one we are proud to claim as an Islander. Lieut. Clement Leslie SMITH. The brave young soldier who has a commission in the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry was serving with the Somaliland Field Force and was in a desparate engagement with the Dervishes at Jidballi. He was awarded the Victoria Cross for his efforts to save a fellow officer, Dr WELLAND ...... (IW County Press)