This is a list of persons who stated on the 1891 census that they worked in some capacity or other, on the Railway.  They were not all born on the Island.  If you would like the full transcription, including their family, please email me. 
not yet complete, only adding as I find them.

RG12/0885 Northwood
George. 56. Railway Labourer. Bramshaw, Hants (f37/p13)
BABY George. 23. Railway Labourer. Newport, IOW (f37/913)
BABY Charles. 22. Engine Cleaner. Newport, IOW (f37/913)
BABY William. 18. Engine Cleaner. Northwood, IOW (f37/p13)

RG12/0890 Ryde
Frank. 24. Railway Agents Clerk. Ryde, IOW (f29/p13)
BEARD George. 16. Platelayer. Derby (f107/p11)
BRADING John. 35. Railway Clerk. Ryde, IOW (f102/p1)
FOWLER Frederick W. 40. Railway Agent. Ryde, IOW (f28/p11)
GALE Albert. 39. Railway Signalman. Havenstreet, IOW. (f31/p17)
GATRELL Charles. 52. Railway Guard. Cowes, IOW (f107/p11)
GREGORY Robert. 20. Railway Clerk. Ryde, IOW (f91/p20)
HOPKINS Henry. 68. Railway Carman. Arundell, Sussex (f98/p33)
JACKSON Thomas H.S. 29. Railway Porter. (not known)
LONG Ernest H. 25. Railway Servant. Ryde, IOW (f94/p25)
MUNFORD William. 40. Carman Southwest Rlwy. Ryde, IOW (f63/p36)
POTTS James H. 47. Railway Clerk. Ryde, IOW (f29/p13)
RICKETTS Gideon. 31. Railway Porter, boat. Dorset (f64/p38)
SHAWYER George. 40. Railway Signalman. Ryde, IOW (f103/p3)
TRUCKLE Edwin 32. Railway Porter. Ryde, IOW (f90/p17)
TRUCKLE George. 19. Railway Clerk. Ryde IOW (f90/p17)
VOKE Walter. 23. Joint Railway Collector. Portsmouth, Hants (f55/p20)
WETHERICK Alfred P. 44. Railway Signalman. Ryde, IOW (f94/p26)
WHITE H. David. 62. Railway Porter. Carisbrooke, IOW (f28/p12)
WHITEWOOD William. 13. Railway Messenger. Ryde, IOW (f98/p33)
WRIGHT Arthur. 15. Railway Messenger. Gosport, Hants (f107/p11)

RG12/0891 Ryde
George. 38. Railway Signalman. Ryde, IOW (f9/p11)
BALLARD William. 26. Railway Porter. Newport, IOW (f12/p17)
BARTLETT Frank. 36. Railway Clerk. Ryde, IOW (63/p4)
BURDEN Frank V. 14. Railway Clerk, Ryde, IOW (f51/p20)
BUXEY Edwin W. 31. Railway Porter. Ryde, IOW (f97/p84)
CORBETT Joseph H.  27. Railway Ticket Examiner. Ross, Herefordshire (f21/p35)
DAISH Walter. 33. Railway Clerk. Ryde, IOW (f16/p25)
EMERY George. 18. Clerk Railway. Gosport, Hants (f52/p21)
EXTON Joseph. 59. Railway Guard. Ryde, IOW (f15/p24)
FURMEDGE John. 41. Crane Driver. Ryde, IOW (f14/921)
HILTON John T. 40 ? Railway Goods Foreman. London (f14/p22)
HUMPHREY William R. 16. Railway Porter. Brading, IOW (f15/p24)
LANE Tom A. 26. Engine Driver. Newport, IOW (f12/p17)
LANGWORTHY James. 41. Station Master. Portsmouth, Hants (f51/p20)
LANGWORTHY Henry T. 16. Railway Clerk. Portsmouth, Hants (f51/p20)
LANGWORTHY Alfred W. 14. Railway Clerk. Portsmouth, Hants (f51/p20)
MEW Frank. 39. Foreman Railway Goods Carrier. IOW (f47/p10)
MOORMAN William. 22. Railway Porter. Ryde, IOW. (f20/p33)
PECKHAM Thomas. 30. Railway Porter. Portsmouth, Hants (f31/p11)
PERRON Sydney. 44. Platelayer Railway. Bramshore, Hants (f49/p16)
PHILLIPS Henry. 39. Foreman Platelayer. St Helens, IOW (f105/p3)
RAYNER Walter. 35. Railway Porter. London, Lambeth (f35/p20)
REED Herbert. 31. Railway Police. Eastmeon, Hants (f29/p7)
ROGERS John. 34. Railway Carman. London (f20/p34) 
ROGERS Frederick. 15. Railway Agent's Clerk. Ryde, IOW (f20/p34)
SIMMELL Valentine. 39. Railway Signalman. Newport, Shropshire (f52/p21)
SMITH Harry. 30. Crane Driver. IOW (f9/p11)
TILEY Charles. 50. Railway Carrier's Clerk. Gloucestershire (f55/p28)
TOOGOOD George. 38. Rlwy Loco Engine Driver. Ryde, IOW (f51/20)
TUFFNELL James. 50. Railway Porter. Cheshire (f46/p10)
TURTLE Charles. 46. Railway Clerk. London, Middx (f50/p18)
WADE Alfred. 20. Clerk Railway. Portsmouth, Hants (f52/p22)
WALLS George. 28. Railway Porter. Arundel, Sussex (f52/p21)
WAY James. 19. Ticket Collector Rlwy. Wootton, IOW (f52/p21)
WILLIS William. 28. Railway Canvasser. Devizes, Wilts (f16/p26)
WOOD William E. 24. Railway Porter. Ryde, IOW (f71/p20)
YOUNG Charles J. 28. Railway Clerk. Guildford, Surrey (f12/p17)

RG12/0897 Freshwater
Charles. 41. Railway Lab (Plate). Tewkesbury, Glos. (f122/p1)
JOHNSON Frances. 40. Railway Gates Keeper. Bermuda, West Indies (f122/p1)

RG12/0897 Ningwood
Joseph. 56. Rlwy Plate Layer. Hadley, Middx. (f150/p3)
HINKLEY John H. 27. Rlwy Plate Layer. Walpole, Norfolk (f150/p3)

RG12/0897 Shalfleet
KNOWLES Robert. 56. Rlwy Station Master. Middx. (f157/p1)

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