POLICE on the Isle of Wight at the 1891 census

RG12/897. folio 31. Calbourne
BUDDEN Thomas. head. 42. Police Constable. Downton, Wilts.
BUDDEN Julia. wife. 44. Donhead St Mary, Wilts.
BUDDEN Bessie. dau. 16. Stratfieldrays, Hants.
BUDDEN Henry T. son. 14. Scholar. Shirley, Hants.
BUDDEN Edwin W. son. 10. Scholar. Faringdon, Hants.
BUDDEN Alice. dau. 7. Scholar. Kingsley, Hants.
BUDDEN Albert G. son. 3. Kingsley, Hants.

RG12/0897. folio 39. Calbourne (Bank Cottage)
Henry T. head. 65. Police Pensioner. Itchem, Hants.
ROSSITER Susan E. wife. 55. Marlow, Bucks.

RG12/0897. folio  Totland
Joseph. head. 26. Police Constable. Berks.
HOLDING Lydia. wife. 22. Freshwater, IOW.
HOLDING Annie S. dau. 4 mths/wks ? Freshwater, IOW.

RG12/0897. folio 88. Freshwater (Station Road)
William. head. 47. Police Constable. Wilts.
DIBDIN Elizabeth. wife. 47.
DIBDIN Clara. dau. 16.
DIBDIN William. son. 13. Scholar. Bembridge, IOW.
DIBDIN Frederick. son. 9. Scholar. Freshwater, IOW.

RG12/0897. folio 172 Yarmouth (Police Stn. High Street)
George. head. 35. Police Sargeant. Gatcombe, IOW.
MATTHEWS Ellen J. wife. 36. Arreton, IOW.
MATTHEWS Ada Mary. dau. 10. Scholar. Newport, IOW.
MATTHEWS James E. son. 8. Scholar. Newport, IOW.
MATTHEWS Arthur H. son. 6. Scholar. Newport, IOW.
MATTHEWS Beatrice O. dau. 5. Scholar. Newport, IOW.
PRAGNELL Annie. niece. 1. Whippingham, IOW.

MURPHY Jeremiah. head. 26 ? Police Constable. Sherbourne, Dorset.
MURPHY Ellen. wife. 26. Portsmouth, Hants.
MURPHY Mary. dau. 5. Gosport, Hants.
MURPHY John. son. 3. Gosport, Hants.
MURPHY Nora E. dau. 8mths.  Yarmouth, IOW.

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