Should you come across any in your area, I would very much appreciate the details, thank you.

1851 CENSUS: Axminster, Devon
MUNDAY Thomas. head. marr. 63. Superanuated Coast Guard. Cowes, IOW

1851 CENSUS: Cornwall. Enum dist 2b. folio 90. page 8.
34,Church Street, Mevagissey, Cornwall
RACKETT Edward. head. 44. H M Coast Guard Service. Brixton IOW, Hants
RACKETT Kesia. wife. 41. Wickam Hants.
RACKETT Kesia. dau. 18. Cowes IOW Hants.
RACKETT. Elizabeth. dau. 16. App Dressmaker. Freshwater IOW Hants.
RACKETT William. son. 11. Scholar. Mevagissey, Cornwall.
RACKETT Mary. dau, 9. Scholar. Mevagissey, Cornwall.

1861 CENSUS: RG9/646. folio 94. page 18.
Chapel-street, Alverstoke, Hants
WYATT George. head. 44. Coastguard. Isle of Wight
WYATT Emma. wife. 40. Isle of Wight.
WYATT George. son. 14. Scholar. Ramsgate, Kent.
WYATT William. son. 12. Scholar. Ramsgate, Kent.
WYATT James. son. 9. Scholar. Gosport, Hants.
WYATT Charles. son. 4. Hardway, Hants.

1881 CENSUS: RG11/1005. folio 78. page 29.
2 Prospect Place, Buckland, Dover
WYATT James. head. wdw. 62. Navy Pensioned Coastgrd. Binstead IOW.
WYATT Jane dau. unm. 27. Housekeeper. Ramsgate, Kent.
WYATT Alfred E. son. unm. 25. Labourer. Ramsgate, Kent.
WYATT Frederick C. son. unm. 20. Labourer. Gosport, Hants.
WYATT Thomas W. son. 14. Labourer. Harwich, Essex.
WYATT Mary. dau. 12. scholar. Dover, Kent.
WYATT Caroline L. dau. 11. scholar. Kingsdown, Kent.

1881 CENSUS: RG11/1002. Folio 50. Page 5.
Cottage, West Cliffe, Kent

SMITH Benjamin. head. 38. Coastguard. Freshwater, IOW.
SMITH Alice M.M. wife. 21. Ciford, Suffolk.
SMITH Agnes. T. dau. 11. scholar. Brixton, IOW.
SMITH, Percy C.G. son. 6. scholar. Ciford, Suffolk.
SMITH Maud. dau. 2. Deal, Kent
SMITH Ernest J. son. 4mths. West Cliffe, Kent.

1881 CENSUS: RG11/0998. folio 77. page 21.
Coastguard Station, 4 Griffin St. Deal, Kent. 
SCOVELL Chas. head. 38. HM Coastguard. Brading, IOW.
SCOVELL Louisa. wife. 38. Swanage, Dorset.
SCOVELL Chas. P. son. 7. Deal, Kent.
SCOVELL Emma A. dau. 5. Deal, Kent.
SCOVELL Arthur E. son. 3. Deal, Kent.
SCOVELL Henry A. son. 6mths. Deal, Kent.

1881 CENSUS: RG11/0884. folio 27. page 12.
Watch Vessel No. 22, Colemouth Creek, Isle of Grain
BUCKS Patrick. In charge(head). marr. 32. Commiss. Boatman. Scoll, Ireland.
JOLIFFE Thomas. Boatman. marr. 29. Boatman.  Carisbrook, IOW.
BYRES Henry. Boatman. unm. 26. Boatman. Aberdeen, Scotland.
BARTLETT Henry. Civilian. unm. 15. Civilian. Hunston, Sussex.
DALY Anna. marr. 23. Deal, Kent.
PARKS Elizabeth. 25. Dublin, Ireland.
JOLIFFE Sarah. 25. Ryde, IOW. 

1891 CENSUS: RG12/    folio 86. page 15.    
Coast Guard Station 1. Cornwall    
HODGE James. head. 27. Coast Guard Boatman. Newport, IOW. 
HODGE Emily. wife. 23. Dressmaker. Oreston Devon. 
HODGE Hilda M.  dau. 6mths. Oreston Devon.

1891 CENSUS : RG12/0724.  Folio 15. Page 7. Minster in Sheppey
Coastguard Station, Shellness
LOVEGOOD Thomas Edward. head. 35. Boatman,. Ventnor, IOW.
LOVEGOOD Mary Ann. wife. 36.  Froome, Somerset.
LOVEGOOD Thomas John. son. 6. Scholar.  Hammersmith, London.

1901  CENSUS: RG13/814.  folio 19.  page 3.
Coastguard Station, Scrapsgate, Minster, Sheppey
TUTTON William. head. 34. Coastguard. Ryde, IOW.
TUTTON Edith, wife. 29. Canterbury, Kent.

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