Bluecoat Charity School Newport

In the year 1761, some well-disposed persons of the town, observing concern for the poor children of the female sex, a voluntary subscription was entered into for the establishment and support of a school for the girls, and for the clothing, instructing and qualifying them to be honest and useful servants.

Children to be taken in between the age of 8 and 11 and be taught to read the church catechism morning and evening. They are to be taught to make and wash their own cloaths, to make and mark their own linnen, knit their own stokens and gloves. Girls of 14 that have given proof of their proficiency, to go as bound out apprentices for 4 years, and the children of the school to make the set of cloaths to take with them. (note: the spelling as it was in the minute books).

Each child to be in the school 8 till 5 oclock. For every absence, to be kept without dinner, if any girl should tell a lye, to be put on a cap which is provided and stand in it two hours, or if a girl swear or misbehave in the street, the Mistress will put on her a black gown, which she must wear two days. If any girl misbehave in church, she is to be whipped on Monday morning.

blujenny.jpg - 65142 BytesThe Blue Jenny that was above the entrance door of the school, is now on display in the museum at Carisbrooke Castle. A replica is  above the door on the building in Crocker Street.

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